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Using Your Wood Fired Pizza Oven

  After curing your oven you will be ready to start cooking in it.  Your aim when cooking in the oven is to create, and maintain, a controlled and even heat which is generated from the cooking surface, the dome…

Why a Wood Fired Pizza Oven?

Food cooked on a wood fire has a special flavour about it, and  what a great addition for your back yard – creat your own Pizzas, Calzone, Roasts  and Deserts Pizzas at home Much more exciting than a barbeque! Avaliable…

Curing Your Wood Fired Pizza Oven

Important Information! When initially firing your oven, it is very important that the oven is heated gradually. Small hairline fractures may occur as normal expansion and contraction of the oven takes place. These can be reduced by curing and using…

Wood Fired Pizza Ovens

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